Free Premium Analytics for Microsoft 365 Live Events

Deliver better virtual events with insights and intelligence from Kollective IQ analytics

  • Monitor Microsoft 365 Live Events in real-time
  • Better understand employee engagement
  • Know when and where video is consumed

Are you using Microsoft Teams, Stream or Yammer to broadcast virtual events? Would you like deeper insights into event performance and employee engagement? Kollective IQ can help. Sign up for FREE today and receive access to the smartest analytics platform for Microsoft 365 Live Events for 90 days – we'll even include our enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) for the first 30.

Why Kollective IQ for Microsoft Live Events?

We Know Your Flow

Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events is designed for the way you work. From the minute you sign in, we surface high-level metrics that give insight into recent event performance. Here you can track the overall quality of experience, reach and geographic distribution of your viewers.

Dig Deeper Into Every Event
Want to know more about a specific event? Our platform makes it easy. All data collected by the system and end users is yours to mine and explore. Drill down into the event metrics and insights that matter most to your communications strategy.
Ship It! Export Data with One Click
Diving into data anytime you want is great. But what if you don’t have time to go digging after each event? And how do you share this data with your team? Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events offers automated reporting. Just choose the dashboard, metric or visualization you want to share, then schedule who it should go to and how often.
Threshold Based Alerting: Stop Guessing, Start Knowing
With so much going on and so many tasks to manage, it can be hard to track the progress of your goals. Not anymore. With Kollective IQ for Microsoft 365 Live Events, you can automate an alert to let you and your colleagues know when certain thresholds have been reached.