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Increase endpoint security by deploying patches faster with Kollective for Endpoint Manager


Minimize endpoint vulnerability with faster and more reliable patch distribution to every endpoint on your network. Kollective’s solution delivers:

  • 70% faster software deployment
  • 100% reliability
  • No impact on network bandwidth
  • Analytics provide a full view of your network


Average cost of a corporate data breach

Source: IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020

Where do Network Security Breaches Occur?

Extensive cloud migrations are the number one cause of data breach. Here’s where they occur:  

  • 24% at the end point
  • 19% system misconfiguration
  • 16% vulnerability in third-party software

Kollective helps minimize the risk of data breach by ensuring 100% delivery of software updates and security patches.

How Kollective reduces endpoint security risk

By leveraging the scale and flexibility of the cloud, Kollective optimizes software updates and patch delivery to minimize downloads and vulnerabilities.

Utilizes the local LAN to securely deliver files behind the firewall

Reduces IT infrastructure to simplify delivery and monitoring

Greater speed and visibility of patch deployments

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