Analyse des tendances en matière de localisation

Accédez aux données de performance agrégées et identifiez l'amélioration ou la dégradation du réseau pour chacun de vos emplacements au fil du temps.

Qu'est-ce que l'analyse des tendances en matière de localisation ?

Fast | Predictive | Comprehensive

Location Trend Analysis uncovers performance patterns across the various physical locations on your network. While our Real-Time User Monitoring provides live telemetry on event performance, Location Trend Analysis presents detailed historical data of your network’s performance. This allows for in-depth performance analysis and reveals trends that would otherwise be difficult to identify in isolation. By comparing data across different time periods, your IT team can spot recurring issues or degradation trends in specific locations, making it easier to address underlying problems and implement long-term solutions.

Rapid Data Visualizations

Pre-aggregated event data spanning months enables near-instant rendering, reducing processing time from hours to seconds.

Dans le cloud


Unlock the data for all your front-end video applications.

Analyses intelligentes

Expérience utilisateur

Quickly explore Quality of Experience, reach, bandwidth savings, and more.

Réduction de l'infrastructure

Historical Modeling

Access months of data to view event performance over time.

Proactive Issue Detection

Quickly detect anomalies and performance loss across your network. The interactive Location Trends dashboard enables your IT team to address these issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Remote Office Management

Simplify the complexities of your globally dispersed workforce. Streamline remote office management to ensure all your locations receive the necessary support to maintain smooth and reliable network connectivity.

Application Agnostic

In today's enterprise landscape, the use of multiple front-end video applications has become the norm. Your employees seamlessly transition between multiple platforms to meet their communication and collaboration needs for any scenario. Kollective's Video Collaboration Observability platform transcends application boundaries, providing unified analytics for each solution you use.

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