Live Video Streaming at Scale

Deliver live video to large audiences securely and efficiently across any network

Enterprise-Grade Live Video

Collaboration and Connectivity for all

Every colleague deserves to connect, but delivering video across massive networks and hybrid work environments is incredibly challenging. Kollective's smartECDN simplifies video distribution, enables flawless viewer experiences and optimizes network performance.

Engage your Entire workforce

Effortlessly and reliably reach audiences of all sizes

  • Streamline town halls, all hands and large events
  • Combine virtual, hybrid and in-person audiences
  • Ensure productivity and modern collaboration
 Experience the ultimate configuration flexibility to handle the uniqueness of each network and delivery need.

Integrate multiple Video Solutions

Empower your enterprise with the flexibility to scale delivery across all the leading video solutions

  • Leverage Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and over 30 integrations
  • Optimize delivery performance across collaboration applications
  • Improve video equity throughout the entire organization
Tap into turn-key integrations that streamline video distribution and meet the unique needs of critical teams and individual users.


Eliminate Failed Events

Failed live events erode trust in the organization, crash vital network operations and add remediation costs

  • Avoid sunk production costs
  • Prevent troubleshooting expenses
  • Minimize downtime and service outages
Prevent video collaboration bottlenecks and expensive network impacts, enabling teams to focus on innovation instead of firefighting.

Modern Work Runs On Live Video

Connectez des bureaux dans le monde entier et des travailleurs hybrides

Boost employee engagement

Streamline digital workflows

Questions fréquemment posées

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Oui, nous sommes spécialisés dans le déploiement de la communication par la vidéo en direct dans les entreprises internationales.
With Kollective you can stream a live event and reach all of your global workforce without impacting business-critical applications or investing in additional hardware. We can also run a network readiness test to simulate the bandwidth intensive load your network would experience during a live event to ensure everything will run smoothly.
Kollective's Collaboration Observability platform provides in depth insight into network peroformance, live events and gives you visibility into reach, engagement, and potential issues before they arise.